All about China in Room 12

Over the past 2 weeks, the children in Ms. Golden’s class have been learning all about China. The children researched about Chinese food, culture, education, history and much more. They created mini- projects and did a fantastic job at presenting them to the class. We also celebrated Chinese New Year by creating lanterns and learning all about the Zodiac story! To celebrate all our hard work, one of the students in our class made delicious spring rolls for everyone to enjoy!

Room 13 have been busy!

Room 13 have been really busy in the computer room developing their research skills.
We found lots of interesting facts about China using
We celebrated Internet Safety day and Chinese New Year recently as well as Pancake Tuesday and Valentine's Day! 

Room 13 have been busy!

Pupils in Room 13 made their own butter for Science week! They enjoyed tasting their butter and crackers after all their hard work. 2nd class pupils also enjoyed a Makers and Doers workshop where we created our own Playmobil mini figures and a polar bear with moving legs.

The Science of Soil in Room 11

Room 11 recently did a Science experiment on soil and what makes up soil. We experimented with what happens to soil when mixed with water and the class made some great observations. We explored how important soil is and how we need to protect it for trees and plants to grow.


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