School Activities '15 - '16

Sports People of the Year

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Congratulations to the two winners of the "Scoil Thomáis' Sports Person of the Year" award. We are very proud of your sporting achievements during your time here in Scoil Thomáis and wish you continued success in secondary school.

Island Projects

The boys and girls in Mr Gurhy's class have been working really hard on their Island Projects over the last 7 weeks. They completed models of their islands as well as lots of wonderful writing all about them. Some of children kindly visited Room 6 to show the younger pupils their fantastic work! Great work Room 2!

Stitching in Room 27

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Mr Freeman’s 3rd class learned a number of stitches this term and have been using them to create some excellent pieces of art. It is a slow process and takes a huge amount of focus but the hard work paid off. Here are some examples of the children’s brilliant work.

Herb Patch Project

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Ms. Dunne’s 3rd class took part in a herb patch project. Two herbalists came in and discussed the properties and uses of nine herbs which the children planted. We received a new raised bed and soil which the children filled with Lemonbalm, Heartsease, Thyme, Marigold, Rosemary, Lavender, Chamomile and Parsley. The Herb Patch project is an Irish Register of Herbalists initiative. We are also busy harvesting our lettuce. Next week we will harvest our potatoes, carrots and turnip.  

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First Class Tour to Glanmore Food Factory

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First Class had great fun on their school tour to Glanmore Food Factory. Everyone had to put on a white coat and a hair net to make sure no germs got on the food. We got to see how foods such as fruit, pasta and sandwiches get prepared and packaged. Our favourite parts were getting to stand in the hot room and the freezer room. We also got to play with some bread dough. After Glanmore Food Factory, we went to the Millennium Park playground where we had a lot of fun!

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