School Activities '14 - '15

5th Class School Tour

On the 22nd of June, Room 21, 22 and 23 went on their school tour to Glasnevin Cemetery and Museum. It was a short drive to Glasnevin.
When we got there we were sorted into 2 groups. Our tour guide was called Niall. We walked around the graveyard and learned lots of interesting things about Daniel O’Connell, Michael Collins, Charles Stewart Parnell and many other famous political people. We learned lots about what they did for our country and the people of Ireland.
We also learned about grave robbing and cremating. Niall told us that sometimes you could see the fingers and toes sticking up out of the ground!!! This was years ago and after heavy rainfall!! We learned about a disease called cholera and how it spreads through water.
We then got to look around the museum which had lots of fun and interesting things to look at.
After Glasnevin we went to the Millennium Park where we had our lunches. We then had a great time in the playground. We had so much to play with here. We played basketball and soccer on the all-weather pitches. We could also play with skipping ropes which I really enjoyed. The teachers and children all had fun on the swings and even the zip line….it was sooooo funny!!
We all had a fantastic and fun day!

by Danielle Power (Room 21)

Constructions in Room 12

The boys and girls in Ms. Galligan’s class have been busy for the last couple of weeks making their imaginative constructions out of recycled materials. First we sat down and came up with a plan for what we were going to make. We drew pictures and made lists of the materials we would need. The following week we brought in lots of materials from home that we could use. Everyone was very kind and shared any extra things that they didn’t need. After lots of imagination…and plenty of masking tape…our constructions were finally ready. Well done everyone!

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Senior Infants School Tour

The three senior infant classes had a fun filled day when they visited Newgrange Farm in County Meath last week.  All the children started the day feeding lambs with a bottle of milk. Then the children moved on to look at the little piglets, the calves, the puppies, the chicks, the enormous bull and many other farm animals. The highlight of the day for most of the children was when they got the opportunity to hold the kitten, the puppy and the chick. The children also fed the ducks and geese bread. They went into the Silkie bird’s stone-made house to feed them corn too.  A farmer called David took us out to see the fairy and the leprechaun’s house on the tractor tour. After a wish made under the wishing tree, the children had great fun playing in the three different playgrounds. To finish the day, and after building up an appetite, we all had great fun sitting in the sun for a picnic. A fantastic day was had by all.

1st Class School Tour

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The children in 1st class headed on their school tour last week to Glanmore Food Factory and Millennium Park. Rooms 12 and 14 went on Wednesday and rooms 11 and 13 went on Thursday. Thankfully, both days were warm and sunny and we had a great time. The bus was waiting for us at the office and once we were all seated and fastened in we headed on the short journey to Glanmore, situated in Ballycoolin Industrial Estate.

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 Once there, we were brought into a waiting area where our guides for the day explained a little about the factory and kitted us out in hair nets and white coats and gave us covers for our shoes to stop us from contaminating any of the food and products we would see.

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We were split into groups and brought into a cleaning area where we all washed our hands. During the tour, we saw the areas where the packed lunches were made up, including the jelly and pasta, the fruit processing area, the sandwich assembly line and the bread making area. We even got to play with dough!

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It was great fun! Once the tour was finished, we returned to the waiting area where we were given a treat bag containing jellies and juice. We enjoyed our treats while watching a video of the factory and then said our goodbyes.

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We headed off on the bus once more. We stopped in Millennium Park where we played with our friends and had a picnic lunch. We later gathered up our stuff and returned to Scoil Thomáis in time for the bell. We were exhausted!

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ScienceBook in 5th Class

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The pupils of Ms. Moran’s 5th Class in Room 21 were learning about famous scientists and their contribution to society. We observed and discussed famous scientists by looking at a presentation of lots of different scientists through the years. We got into groups of 4 and 5 and using books and fact files we filled in information about:

- Jane Goodall

- Sir Isaac Newton

- Galileo Galilei

- Albert Einstein  

- Charles Darwin

- Marie Curie.

We filled in information about their lives, what they are famous for, their work, education, personal life, history year by year and a fact file. We presented our ‘Sciencebooks’ to the rest of our class. We enjoyed working in our groups and sharing our ‘Sciencebooks’ with our class!

I thought it was super fun and I loved it!

By Ciara O’Hanlon (Rm 21)

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