Room 13 have been busy!

Pupils in Room 13 made their own butter for Science week! They enjoyed tasting their butter and crackers after all their hard work. 2nd class pupils also enjoyed a Makers and Doers workshop where we created our own Playmobil mini figures and a polar bear with moving legs.

Room 23 – Science Week – Lego Workshop

Room 23 have really enjoyed Science week! We got stuck into the Bebras challenge, watched a live science show, became engineers in a ‘building bridges’ challenge and much more. The highlight of Science week was the Lego workshop. We had to build a Mini Mars Rover and use coding to give it commands and instructions to make it move and create sounds. We explored the different coding instructions you can give the robot and had a great time doing it! 

Water Investigation!

For science week my classmates and I did a science experiment on water pollution. Our question: Can we clean polluted water? The answer….YES! We got a big bottle and filled it with the following items: rocks, sand, sponges and cotton wool and poured the dirty water into the bottle. Everyone really enjoyed it. Fact: over one billion people don’t have access to clean water! You can help this by not wasting water and not littering! 

By Grace Collins (3rd class, Room 14)

Science Week in Room 3

Room 3 had lots of fun during science week! We observed how chutes work in plants by placing celery in water with blue food colouring and were amazed when the chutes and leaves turned blue. We also discovered that jelly bears are able to absorb water and become GIANT overnight. 

Lastly, a huge thank you to the children in room 15 who helped us become engineers - building bridges collaboratively using different materials and testing out which ones worked best!

Pollinators Talk in 4th Class

Edel Heeran from The Heritage Council came to talk to the 4th class pupils about Pollinators. We were told about the differences between bees and wasps and about the different species and types of bees. Edel is a beekeeper and she brought in her beekeeper outfit to show us and also brought in some of her own honey for us to taste. We really enjoyed learning all about pollinators.

School Opening Delayed

Due to the orange weather warning in place by Met Eireann in Dublin, Scoil Thomáis will remain closed until 10am tomorrow morning, Mon 13th Nov.

Should there be any change to this, the school will notify you directly via Aladdin. 

Stay safe!

October in Room 7


Room 7 were very busy in October. We were learning all about Autumn and Halloween through play. We are paired with Ms Hevehan’s 4th class for this year. We met up with our partners a few times during the month. We did paired reading, a maths Shape hunt and an autumn trail around the school. Some of the children also helped us make our Halloween spiders. We had great fun making new friends! We were very excited to get to use the iPads this month. Ms. Scally’s 2nd class helped teach us how to create sprites and backgrounds using Scratch Junior. We look forward to using the iPads again soon. We have been very busy in our literacy stations also. We have been working on our rhyming skills through lots of games and activities.

Halloween Newsletter

Click on the image above to read our latest newsletter.

Congratulations to our Maths Week Winners!

Halloween fun in Room 18

Ms. Foley’s class had great fun doing Halloween baking this week. We really enjoyed making cupcakes and icing them to make them look spooky for Halloween. They tasted delicious too!

Room 3 Halloween

Mr. O’Doherty’s class had great fun leading up to Halloween. They made clay pumpkin pinch pots to use as decorations. Spooky costumes were also on show on the last day before the break!

Halloween Pizzas in Room 21

Maths Week in Scoil Thomáis

Pupils in all classes will be involved in various extra Maths activities during the next week to promote Maths Week which is all about highlighting awareness and appreciation of mathematics in our world.

These include Estimation and Puzzle Design competitions, Maths Trails, daily Problem Solving/Puzzle Time, IZAK 9, and access to online maths website Mangahigh. There are lots of maths posters and maths puzzles dotted around the school for pupils to challenge their numeracy skills.

Best of luck to all the pupils who will take part in the ‘Estimation’ and Puzzle Design Competitions. Results will be announced after Halloween.

Thanks to teacher Ms Travers who organised Maths Week activities this year!

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