Estimation fun!

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During Maths Week, Ms Travers has been running a competition for the best guess of how many spools and how many cubes are in her tubs...every pupil has had a chance to estimate an answer and Ms Travers will be making an announcement with the winners' names very soon!

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Halloween Bake Sale

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Thank you so much to absolutely everyone who baked, brought and bought at our fundraising Bake Sale today, Friday 21st of October. We raised a fantastic amount of money - €1,630 - which will be used to fund school sports activities and for ICT resources for the benefit of all pupils! We hope everyone enjoys their treats!

A special thank you to the Parents Association for coordinating the bake sale.


Maths Week in Junior Infants

This week in Junior Infants, we’ve been learning all about 2D shapes. Taking the shapes we cut out during Aistear time, we set off on a walk around the school and yard searching for circles, squares, rectangles, triangles and ovals.

What a great way to celebrate Maths week! Bhí an-spórt againn!


Maths Week in Senior Infants

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The boys and girls in Senior Infants had lots of fun during Maths Week Ireland. We went on a Maths Trail around the school. We also brought in Maths Games from home such as Snakes and Ladders, Monopoly, 3D Shape Games, LUDO, Connect 4 and many more!



Board Games in Room 22

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We had a really fun time in Maths Week. On Monday, we had Maths puzzles, on Wednesday we had a Maths trail and Ms Lenihan followed us along the way. We all made up Maths problems and swapped them around the class and solved them. We did puzzles on the whiteboard as well and that was good fun. We played Monopoly Empire, chess, and other board games during lunch time. Best of all we got a week to go on a website called Manga High. So hooray for Maths Week in Scoil Thomáis! 

by John Oguntuase


4th Class Italy Projects

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The children in Room 21 brought in their Italy projects today. A huge amount of hard work and creativity went into the projects and we are enjoying listening to everyone’s presentations. Some children even wore the colours of the Italy flag or their favourite Italy team’s jersey! Well done boys and girls!


Delicious Italian food in Room 21!

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The boys and girls in Room 21 made various kinds of Italian food from clay last week and they look almost good enough to eat!  Examples include pizza, gelato, spaghetti bolognese and even lasagne! We are busy learning all about Italy at the moment and looking forward to seeing all the completed projects on Friday.

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How much sugar are we drinking?

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Ms. Boland’s class have been talking about how much sugar is in fizzy drinks and juices, giving us an idea to do an experiment about how much sugar is in popular drinks. We split up into groups of 2-4 and came back with some shocking results:

  • Lucozade - 44g of sugar
  • 7-Up - 36g of sugar
  • Coca Cola - 35g of sugar
  • Red Bull - 28g of sugar
  • Orange Juice - 24g of sugar
  • Fruit Shoot - 2.2g of sugar
  • Diet drinks & water - 0g of sugar

We were most shocked with the amount of sugar in a small carton of orange juice. Even though diet drinks have zero sugar, they still have sweeteners and are bad for you. It is best to just drink water!

By Manuela and Harold



Children from 4th, 5th and 6th classes will have the opportunity to enjoy using an innovative new problem solving apparatus called IZAK9 during Maths Week this week. With encouragement from characters Abacus and Helix, pupils are encouraged to do, plan, review and make sense of maths problems using the IZAK9 cubes. The children really enjoyed using IZAK9 today as you can see in our video below. 


Maths Week

Maths Week activities in Scoil Thomáis

Maths Week Lifetime Lab Cor

Maths Week Ireland 2016 is taking place from October 15th - 23rd and we are celebrating it here in Scoil Thomáis. If you'd like to know more about Maths Week you can visit Ms Travers has organised lots of fun maths activities for the pupils to enjoy so stay tuned for lots of Maths Week activites coming soon!


Room 8 are enjoying Autumn!

Over the last few weeks, Room 8 have been learning all about autumn. Check out the video below to see what we have been up to!



Halloween Bake Sale

Halloween Bake Sale - Friday 21st October, 2016


Scoil Thomáis Parents Association have organised a BAKE SALE on Friday 21st October. Donations of home baking, cakes buns, etc. can be left into the school hall from 8.50am on Friday morning. Come to the hall via the school hall door entrance.

Please make sure that all food containers, tins etc. are labelled so that they can be returned to you after the sale.

All classes, accompanied by their teachers, will come to the hall to buy some treats. Please note that each pupil may bring in €2 maximum to spend at the sale. Pupils can eat their bakes at home - make sure they bring a spare sandwich bag or lunch box to bring home their chosen goodies!

Parents and friends are welcome to come to the BAKE SALE from 10.30am – 11.00am to buy bakes and support our school fundraiser.

Funds from this years Halloween Bake Sale will be used for the school sports fund and for ICT resources for all classes.

Thank you to those parents who have volunteered to help on the day of the sale.



Local League Champions!

Local League Picture

We at Scoil Thomáis would like to congratulate our ‘Senior Boys Footballers’ on their recent win in the D15 Local League final. The boys overcame defending champions Scoil Bhríde BNS Blanchardstown 2-10 to 2-06 in a thrilling final in Somerton Park. Full match report to follow in the coming days!

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