Science Week in Room 6

To celebrate Science Week, Senior Infants in Room 6 did some science experiments. They made raisins dance in soda water and an egg float in water by adding salt. They also made a rainbow by adding warm water to a plate of skittles and they turned white flowers pink and yellow by adding food colouring to the water they were in. They all had great fun!

Christmas Shoebox Appeal in 6th Class

Over the past few weeks the two 6th classes have been busy organising our Christmas Shoeboxes for Team Hope. What we did was we filled our shoeboxes with little treats and useful things like colouring books ,copies ,hats ,gloves facecloths etc. for the children in need. Then we wrapped them in colourful wrapping paper. We then put a label on them saying what year group ours was for and if we wanted a girl or boy to get it. Some of us even put little notes inside for the kids. Finally we delivered them to Team Hope to be sent to the kids in different countries around the world. We had great fun doing them!

By Michelle Pemberton

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When my Grandparents were Young - Room 15

Today some people’s Grandparents came to visit our class. I learned that long ago in schools teachers were much more cross than now. Sometimes if you were late you got a slap. They made decorations out of paper. People slept in one bed. They had to boil water over a fire for a bath. Long ago people dried their hair with a towel. Children mostly played outside. People did not have pens or pencil cases in school.

By Gabriella Room 15

Updated Enrolment Policy

Aistear Scoil Thomais

We have recently updated our school enrolment policy. You can view the policy in our school policies section in the 'About Us' menu or you can read it by clicking here. 

Our Current Newsletter


As part of our ongoing efforts to be a Green School, we make our school newsletter available online only. You can read our latest issue of the newsletter by clicking here or the picture above. 

Book Fair 2017


Scoil Thomáis is getting ready to host it's annual Book Fair!

Pupils will have a chance to see all the fantastic books available when they are brought to visit the Book Fair by their teacher next week but in the mean time, you can have a sneak peek at the books that will be available by perusing the images below.  

                                     Yellow Section Books - for ages 4+                                 

                                 Green Section Books - for ages 7+                           

                 Blue Section Books - for ages 9+                     

The Book Fair will be open in the school hall until 5.15pm on Wednesday and Thursday afternoon during our Parent Teacher meetings on the 22nd and 23rd of November 2017.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Bebras Challenge!

The Irish Bebras Computational Thinking Challenge takes place between 6th and 17th November 2017 and classes from 3rd to 6th have been invited to take part. Bebras Challenges test your logic and computational skills through different types of fun and challenging problems.

Here's a sample problem for you to try and solve at home: 

Four beavers start swimming at different places. They only swim forward and always follow the arrows.

Which beavers will reach the strawberry? 

6th Class Visit Glasnevin Cemetery


On the 25th of October, I went to Glasnevin Cemetery & Museum with my class and we saw the graves of famous Irish people like Charles Parnell, Grace Gifford and Michael Collins. We learned that where Parnell is buried there are about 12,000 people who died of cholera buried there too! And we learned that every Saturday at 10am flowers are placed at Michael Collin’s grave. We went into Daniel O’Connell’s crypt where he was buried with ten of his family members. We saw builders reconstructing the stairs in his round tower exactly as it was before. We sang some of the song Grace at Grace Gifford’s grave too, before we visited the Botanic Gardens to have lunch. We all really enjoyed the trip!

by Maeve McCann

Room 26 Halloween Heads

Last week we were busy making Halloween decoration heads! Using newspaper as our base, we applied Modroc plaster, paint and various fabrics to decorate our spooky creatures. Here’s a video of the work in progress and the finished product!


Goodbye Róisín!

The school is so sad to be saying goodbye to school secretary Róisín who has worked in the school office for the last three years. Róisín will be finishing in Scoil Thomáis on Friday 27th October and takes up another employment offer after midterm.

The BOM and the school community wish to thank Rosin for her great work and for always being so helpful to everyone - parents, pupils and school staff alike!

We will miss Róisín and wish her all the very best of luck in her new job!

Aistear Pizzas!


Children in Room 6 made pizzas this week to conclude their ‘Pizzaria’ theme in Aistear. The pizzas were delicious and everyone enjoyed making, and eating, them! One of the boys even drew a fantastic picture of a pizza-making factory while he was waiting for his pizza to cook.

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primary language curriculum

Click here to read some helpful information leaflets explaining the new Primary Language Curriculum.

aistearlogoDownload these tips to learn how you can support your child's play.



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